architect: Lenko Mihov

year: 2020

built: 2021

client: private

photography: ALHM collective

budget: 35 000 Euro

12m2 of freedom

4gon is a house on wheels, allowing multiple options for freedom and open minded lifestyle.

The basic structure of the volume on top of a towable platform with license plates is metal framework, which provides not only to be used as house on wheels, but as well the option that the house can be detached without a crane and positioned on a piece of land by choice.

The unit is equipped with a full size bathroom and kitchen, foldable queen size bed, foldable children bunk bed and table for three.  On top of the numerous options and volume for storage, the tiny house can be used solely off-grid. Floor heating, outside shower, solar panels and battery are the luxury side of this project. The option for a small fireplace and the rain water accumulation from the roof in an integrated water tank above 2 meters height, in order that water can be used by means of gravity are the feature that makes this “swiss knife home” the ultimate off-grid unit. Those features are providing even the ones used to city life a nice basic accommodation in the wild.

For the ones that prefer on-grid stay, as every caravan or trailer, the unit provides a quick plug in to standard water and electricity, allowing as well a dual usage of on-grid solar electrical supply.  

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