architects: Lenko Mihov, Karina Dikova

year: 2021

client: private

DOMES is a social project, oriented direction awareness with focus communication and interaction between different age groups. The most valuable in the material side of the project is the variety of options and the smooth transition and flow between the different functions integrated in the structure. On a first glance the multiple volumes in a shape of domes, each with different function, are connected, allowing a free movement and interaction between the different groups. The main objective of the project are the children and youth, and to set a better environment with options to play, learn, grow and interact with connection to nature within city limits.

The whole campus one might call it, built around the children playground space, is equipped with restaurant and café, kitchen, recreational space, auditorium, and a greenhouse providing a wide range of options for children and their parents to spend time together or separately in workshops, plays, seminars, sport, nature activities etc.

From material, space, structure and energy efficiency point of view, the project main challenge was to find a solution fitting all requirements, which in the first place were large spaces with lots of room and air, made out of environmentally friendly materials, which can be mounted and demounted without harmful effect on the site and the environment. The final solution of this social project meeting the criteria of all the above requirements led to a prefabricated energy efficient product, produced locally, with the option to be demounted if needed, since the permit on the state land will have certain restrictions.  

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