architects: Ivan Bonev, Valentin Denkov, Lenko Mihov

project: 2020

built: 2020

photography: Marin Kafedjiiski

REstatica is a project part of Plovdiv 2019 – European Capital of Culture, located on the riverside in region North – Plovdiv.

The multipurpose park furniture was built from recycled or even more – upcycled material from the temporary installation “Natura Statica”, creation of artist Kund Kopacz.

REstatica as a project has multiple features and goals, but as a whole aims to create a link between the past and present – a thread, so that there is a remembrance of the sublime temporary art, that stood on that very same place for a couple of months a year before.

Designwise the project main purpose is functionality and field for exploration to every visitor, regardless age, to be able to find a personal use of the stacked beams, that have integrated multiple basic sitting, working, standing and dining heights. The primary purpose of the fluorescent color is to mark and show the parts that stand alone in space and catch the attention of the youngest ones. The secondary one is more symbolic – paint is used to distinguish all marks left after dissembling Kund Kopacz’s instalation, putting even more importance on the past and that this material was actually part of something else some time ago.

In order to re-use the material from “Natura Statica”, together as a team worked Kund Kopacz and the architects Ivan Bonev, Valentin Denkov and Lenko Mihov. Thanks to the support of Ruslan Grahovski – steel and welding, The SPPOT and Deyacolor – powder coatings last but not Least SPARK – electric car sharing, this project is what it is today, and after being donated to municipality Plovdiv – Region North, will be hopefully of great use and long years for the citizens to dispose of.

The process was filmed by the photographer Marin Kafedjiiski in the following video.

Special thanks to municipality Plovdiv – Region North for the support in the process, who as well donated the tree, that will in future provide shade to the visitors.

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